Led Lamp FOG X-FLO 200W by F.O.G

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X FLO 200Is the latest high-tech jewel designed by F.O.G., made with the latest components created by world leaders, it meets the most demanding standards in terms of cultivation.

X FLO 200Is a horticultural led light designed for flowering plants, it will be perfect for growing flowers, strawberries, raspberries and cannabis.it is suitable for germination and growth but its strong point is flowering.

It replaces HPS or MH lamps of approximately 250-400w and provides a more even distribution of light for your crop, while emitting much less heat than HPS lighting.

You will be able to place the fixtures at the desired distance without heat problems, so you can achieve unprecedented levels of lighting for your plants and better control the growing conditions. Thanks to its latest generation chips that produce high quality light, you will optimize your lighting and production.

X FLO 200Is equipped with two white and one red spectrum which are much more effective than a simple white spectrum and will improve the quality of your production.

LuminariesX FLO 200Offer new possibilities to all greenhouse or indoor growers, they can improve your production while offering a constant yield.

X FLO 200Is equipped with a multitude of advantages:

  1. Applies the right light to the right place with maximum efficiency.
  2. Minimizes your energy costs.
  3. Reduces installation costs.
  4. Energy savings of up to 20-40% depending on conditions.
  5. Better climate management with less heat than HPS.
  6. No maintenance, cleaning with a water hose.
  7. Cannabis production from 0 to 400gr in good conditions.




Power: 200W

PPF output: 500umol /s

System efficiency: 2.5 umol/d

Input voltage: 100-277 V AC

Variable: 0-10v

Power factor: 0.95

Service life: report on request

Warranty: 2 years

Dimensions: 287x198 mm

Weight: 4.5kg

IP: 65

Certifications: CE, ROHS

BTU: 720

Tolerance: 10%

Do not use corrosive or phytosanitary products on the silicone or reflector of LED chips. Max. ambient temperature: 35°c

We do not commit to performance figures, as there are more than 26 factors that can influence it.

Day temperature, night temperature, humidity, vpd, water temperature, root temperature, type of substrate used, genetics, water supply, nutrient supply, nutrient deficiencies, pests, diseases, ventilation, co2 levels, air exchange, temperature variation, humidity variation, density of the root system, size of the growing space, height of the lamp, stress of the plants, size of the pots, number of plants per lamp, growing time, Ph, EC, oxygenation of the roots, oxygenation of the water, size.

Turn up your lights or turn down their power if needed. ( LED is as powerful as HPS, it can burn plants if you are too close. )

The values are rounded averages and purely indicative, they may differ from one measuring device to another and do not commit our company, we advise you to perform a test.


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