Boxes and bottles

Boxes are an essential element for storing grass and for a perfect Curing but also to prevent odors from invading your living space.

What is Curing?

Curing is a process that slows down the drying process and allows the flavors to develop. It lasts from 15 days to three weeks.

The almost dry heads are put in airtight jars and in the dark. Once a day, the jars are opened for a quarter of an hour to remove excess moisture.

The duration of curing is variable, it does not depend on a specific time but rather on the condition of the heads. Generally speaking, the curing is finished when the smell which emerges from the pots by opening them does not have any more the odor of "greenery", but a good odor of cannabis. Trust your sense of smell.

Once curing is complete, your buds are ready to be enjoyed.

Boxes and bottles

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