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F.O.G has revolutionized the horticultural world by introducing a range of LED lights with technology imported from JAPAN. F.O.G is a Swiss brand that has been able to distinguish itself by producing durable LED lights specially designed to increase the production and quality of your crops while reducing costs for professionals.

F.O.G has been able to differentiate itself through the technologies used in its lights and the application of research and testing conducted in Japan in vertical farms.

Japan is more than 20 years ahead of the rest of Europe in horticultural technology, and was the first country to create LED vertical farms to feed its population.

F.O.G is the result of 5 years of research and testing on more than 15 spectrums and 9 different LED chips. F.O.G has been guided by a vision to research, design, develop and manufacture energy efficient LED lighting for greenhouses and interiors, as well as automation equipment.

By applying the latest advances in lighting technology, F.O.G provides growers around the world with advanced LED grow lights with the latest technologies offering clear benefits at a competitive price.

All F.O.G lights are equipped with high light output horticultural LED chips ranging from 170 to 200 lm/w. Compared to an HPS that produces 90 to 120 lm/w, this results in an 80% gain in light output for the same power consumption.

F.O. grow lightsG grow lights consume 50% less electricity than high pressure sodium or metal halide systems. F.O.G focuses LED light energy on the bands of the light spectrum that plants absorb the most to maximize your yield.

Unlike many other indoor grow lights, F.O.G lights produce much less heat, reducing the need for additional fans and air conditioners.

F.O.G develops a complete range of solutions
possible via 1-10v - 0-10V - Dali - home automation and PLC with PPFD light sensor for a constant maintenance of brightness in your greenhouses.


In order to offer the best technology with quality and durable components, F.O.G has partnerships with the world leaders:

  • - Meanwell (driver guaranteed for 5 to 7 years)

  • - Inventronics (driver guaranteed for 5 years)

  • - Schneider (programmable controller)

  • - Osram (led chip)

  • - Nichia (led chip)

  • - Samsung (led chip)

    Only quality components can maintain a stable and profitable production, so the plants benefit from a light adapted to any stage of development to bloom and offer the best of themselves.

Led Lamp

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Led Lamp FOG X-VEG 200W Futur Of Grow  Led Lamp

Led Lamp FOG X-VEG 200W

Price CHF396.85
Developed in Switzerland, X VEG 200 is a 200w led light specially designed for growing plants, placed at 80cm above the plants, it will be...
LED FOG X CLONE 30 Futur Of Grow  Light


Price CHF91.58
X CLONE PRO is a high-tech jewel, made with the latest components created by world leaders, it meets the most demanding standards in terms of...
LED FOG X CLONE 10 Futur Of Grow  Light


Price CHF63.83
X CLONE PRO is a high-tech jewel, made with the latest components created by world leaders, it meets the most demanding standards in terms of...

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