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Spray for indoor plants Biogarten Biogarten  Products

Biogarten Houseplant Spray

Price CHF13.78
Ready-to-use, fast-acting insecticide against various pests such as mealy bugs, mealy bugs, spider mites, aphids and white flies
NeemAzal®-T/S Biogarten Biogarten  Products

NeemAzal®-T/S Biogarten

Price CHF26.46
Against aphids, spider mites, thrips, white flies, cherry fruit flies, leafhoppers, leafminers, Colorado beetles, chestnut leafminers, asparagus...
Catch-it yellow (1 piece) Biogarten Products

Catch-it yellow (1 piece)

Price CHF1.85
Yellow Catch-it For monitoring populations of Leafminers, Sciarids, Whiteflies and Leafhoppers Field of use Crops under cover,...
Catch-it blue (1pc) Biogarten Products

Catch-it blue (1pc)

Price CHF1.85
Blue Catch-it For monitoring thrips infestation Area of application Greenhouse crops, ornamentals, cucumbers, eggplants,...
Natural Biogarten Biogarten  Products

Natural Biogarten

Price CHF17.18
Natural Against aphids, spider mites and white flies Spider mites, aphids and white flies are among the most feared pests. They...
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copy of Solbac Biogarten

Price CHF23.21
Against sciarid larvae (potting soil flies ) Solbac combats sciarid larvae in potted plants. This highly specific biological preparation based...

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