Complete CMH lamp

CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide)

What is a CMH lamp?

The CMH lamp is a similar source to MH lamps (metal halide), however CMH lamps are up to 50% more efficient in lumens and 10 to 20% more efficient in Umol/m² PPFD than MH lamps.

CMH lamps are often used in store lighting, street lighting, and especially in agriculture and intensive horticulture of plants of all kinds, CMH is a technology tested by INRA for indoor plant cultivation.

Ceramic metal halide is a variant of the metal halide lamp, which is also a variant of the old and first high pressure technology (the mercury vapor lamp first technology created).

A CMH lamp uses ceramic instead of the quartz used for the traditional MH lamp.

Ceramic arc tubes allow for much higher temperatures than metal arc tubes, and for most manufacturers, this simply translates into better efficacy of CMH lamps compared to MH lamps, better color rendering, better color stability, and a lifetime of up to 24,000 hours of illumination

CDM or CMH lamps use one-fifth of the comparable power when compared to incandescent bulbs for the same light output of about (80-120 lm/W) and this CMH lamp maintains color stability better than most other gas discharge lamps. Like other high intensity discharge lamps with high performance, these lamps need a suitable rating of magnetic ballast or electronic ballast to operate smoothly!

Complete CMH lamp

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