Method Seven

Method Seven offers two lines of HPS horticultural lighting glasses

Method Seven's Rendition HPS provides "Perfect Color" for a unique horticultural experience in the intense yellow and stressful light environments of HPS lighting. They offer unparalleled optical purity and outstanding infrared (heat) absorption. For the professional working long hours under HPS lighting or the passionate amateur looking for the best quality, these lenses are simply the BEST. With the optional "Plus" silver coating, our mineral lenses are even more suitable for working under very bright light or for light transitions outdoors. Plus, they look really cool. Currently undergoing approval, our formula is made from top-quality, extremely robust German mineral glass, and guarantees perfect sharpness and color rendition as well as 100% UV protection

Manufactured by Carl Zeiss for Method Seven, using our unique optical lens technology, our synthetic lenses offer outstanding color compensation under HPS lighting. And the extremely high optical standards set by Carl Zeiss ensure an exceptionally sharp product. They are ultra-light and unbreakable. We recommend our synthetic lenses to anyone who uses a horticultural lamp or spends a minimum amount of time working under artificial light. The quality of our synthetic lenses makes them ideal for teams working under horticultural lighting but not involved in important crop processing and harvesting decisions. Available uncoated or silver-coated (ideal for both greenhouse and outdoor work), the 100% UV protection makes them an invaluable asset

With extraordinary properties, these glasses outperform all others on the market
Method Seven

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