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Manuscripts of Arab merchants show that coir fibers were already being used as early as the 11th century. Marco Polo was also familiar with this product, as he describes the extraction of coconut fibres in 1290. In the Netherlands, coir has been used as an environmentally friendly alternative substrate in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables since 1994, and this use is growing rapidly.

Cocos A&B does not contain any non-assimilable substances as is the case with solid fertilizers. It is composed of the purest superior nutrients, including EDDHA iron. This allows the plant to feed itself quickly and efficiently.

Fill the tray with water up to two thirds of the way. First add A. Mix well. Add B, mix again. Adjust the EC-value: at the beginning of the culture 1.2 and gradually up to 2.0 (end of the culture). Adjust the acidity with pH- or pH+. Fill the tank completely with water. If necessary, add root or flowering stimulators. Your fertilizer is ready for a first watering. EC value tap water + EC value Cocos A&B fertilizer = Fertilizer ready to use.

Coconut fibers are known for their capillary effect. It is a growing medium that retains water and nutrients for a long time. However, growing on coco requires an extremely precise composition of nutrients. Cocos A&B from House & Garden is a well-balanced fertilizer that has quickly become an important part of the market.


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