Canna Aqua Vega A+B 5l Canna  Fertilizer

Canna Aqua Vega A+B 5l


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Aqua Vega has been specially developed to optimally meet the needs of the plant during its growth. Aqua Vega is used in water circulation ecosystems, such as NFT (nutrient film technique), ebb and flow systems and in clay ball culture. Nitrogen compounds, high-quality EDDHA iron chelates and directly absorbable trace elements ensure the ideal start to flowering.


CANNA Aqua is the ideal fertilizer for hydroponic systems, in which the nutrient solution is reused (recycled). This method of cultivation does not require soil or other substrates: Aqua nutrients are administered directly to the roots of the plants. Thanks to a careful control of the nutrient supply during the growth and flowering phase, CANNA guarantees a higher harvest with CANNA Aqua. It is not for nothing that in Great Britain, where the majority of growers use these systems, most growers using hydroponics have chosen CANNA Aqua.


The composition and acidity of the nutrient solution changes over time, as the plant does not absorb all the nutrients in equal amounts and at the same speed. CANNA Aqua is composed in such a way that the plant can always absorb the right nutrients and can regulate the pH itself. With CANNA Aqua the pH will always be within the optimal limits.

The pH fluctuates between the optimum values of 5.2 and 6.2 (N.B. this value can be exceeded when the roots take) and therefore does not need to be corrected. The graph shows the natural course of the pH (without correction). This is what makes CANNA Aqua unique compared to all other nutrition formulas on the market. And this is how CANNA Aqua simplifies one of the most complex cultivation systems for the grower.


Growers who use Aqua want to have complete control over the development of their plants. This is possible because they can determine exactly what the plant is taking in. The absence of a substrate gives an accurate picture of the nutrients available to the plant when measuring the drainage water (i.e. the nutrient solution returned to the tank). A substrate has a buffering force, which means that it sometimes releases nutrients with a certain delay. We offer Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores to provide the right elements to the plant during the different phases of its development.


Due to CANNA's strict quality requirements, CANNA Aqua was only introduced to the market in 1999. We found the right formula after years of testing and development as well as a large number of culture tests in the CannaResearch laboratories. In addition, we worked with a select group of growers to a much greater extent than before. This unique combination of laboratory and field testing has given us an enormous amount of information. CANNA Aqua is therefore distinguished by its diversity, stability, yields and ease of use.


The house of the future is unimaginable without a hydroponic growing system. Hydroponic systems can be used on both a small and large scale and, thanks to the possibilities of immediate correction, you will obtain even larger harvests with the right nutrition. With the development of more and more accurate measuring devices and technological advances, hydroponic systems have a very promising future. It is these systems that will provide food for astronauts on their expeditions to Mars.



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