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Alfa Boost


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Plant additive approved for use in organic horticulture to increase
Crop yield in recreational and commercial horticulture.
- Increases yield, accelerates growth, strengthens the plant, protects from
prevents salinization, reduces fertilizer consumption, optimizes the use of fertilizers, and
Nutrient absorption, improves the soil, reduces stress.
- With the help of selected bacterial and fungal cultures, the organic herbs are
fermented for several weeks, so that their active plant ingredients
to be unlocked. Contains triacontanol, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants,
Auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, silicic acid, salicylic acid, live bacteria and
Mushroom cultures as well as trace micro and macronutrients.
- The product contains no minerals, chemicals or synthetics.
and is free of genetically modified organisms. Raw materials:
Photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, sugar cane molasses,
Beikrauter, water.
- Manufactured and bottled in Austria. All raw materials are produced and bottled in Austria.
and German organic producers.

Alfa Boost is a natural plant aid, which reduces fruit set and formation.
The yield of the plant increases. Alfa Boost accelerates ripening,
. The growth and flowering periods, on the other hand, are shortened. This results in an
Increase in overall crop yield.
Seeds germinate faster and cuttings form roots faster. Plants
develop a well-developed root system quickly and reliably, which allows them to
are stronger and more vital. Susceptibility to disease decreases, since the plants of
reason on more resistant.
Alfa Boost promotes soil life by removing dead roots in vitamins,
enzymes, antioxidants and other regenerative substances. Therefore
a constructive environment is created in the soil, which prevents rotting and at the same time
prevents salinization.
Contains: Triacontanol (accelerates metabolism), enzymes (act as
biocatalysts), vitamins (strengthen the immune system), antioxidants (neutralize the
free radicals), silicic acid (strengthens cell walls), salicylic acid (helps in case of stress),
Auxins (have a generally beneficial effect, but in particular on the environmental.
root formation), cytokinins (stimulate cell division), gibberellins (accelerate the cell formation process).
germination process), abscisic acid (regulates, among other things, stomatal transpiration),
bacterial and fungal cultures (optimizes nutrient uptake, prevents the growth of
salinization, improves the soil, strengthens the immune system), micro- and
trace macronutrients.


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250ml, 500ml, 1l, 5l or 10l
Alfa Boost

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