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GHE FloraMicro 10l


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TRIPART® (Flora Series®)

The first of our complex 3-part fertilizer systems for hydroponics, coir and soil

Building Block fertilizer system with 3 components: with TriPart fertilizer, Terra Aquatica combines concentration and flexibility in a perfect balance.

Why buy a growth-promoting fertilizer, a bloom-enhancing fertilizer, a Calcium Magnesium Supplement and also a PK, when our three TriPart bottles cover all your plants' needs?

Our TriPart fertilizers allow you to precisely meet the fluctuating needs of your plants by adjusting the proportions as they develop: more TriPart Grow during growth, and more TriPart Bloom for flowering and fruiting: our trio of fertilizers is both simple to use and incredibly effective. Used by the most prestigious universities and research labs, including NASA, TriPart is an evolving system that we are constantly updating with the latest scientific findings, and improving through rigorous in-house testing and collaboration with our partners in the professional horticultural world (for more information on our references in the realm of food production and research: Many fertilizers claim to guarantee the good development of your plants by meeting all their needs. Unlike competing products, TriPart contains not only the major and secondary elements that are essential for the fundamental nutrition of plants, but also a whole range of trace elements and microelements that are usually chelated to improve their absorption and stability. This explains the impressive results obtained with TriPart fertilizers in specialty markets where the degree of flavor, aroma, potency and essential oil content of plants are paramount. TriPart is available in "soft water" and "hard water" formulas, including TriPart Micro, which optimizes the calcium content of the nutrient solution to avoid the blockage/deficiency problems sometimes encountered with universal fertilizers.

TriPart Micro®: Available in "soft water" and "hard water" formulas, TriPart Micro is the foundation of our fertilizer system. It contains micro- and sub-elements as well as complementary macro-elements. Use TriPart Micro as directed, throughout growth and flowering.

TriPart Grow®: stimulates structural and vegetative development, strengthens the root system and provides the essential nitrogen, potassium and secondary minerals present in TriPart. Use in larger quantities during the growing season and less during the flowering season.

TriPart Bloom®: provides phosphorus and potassium in the form required by plants to promote root development and increase vitality during growth. TriPart Bloom® also helps plants reach their full genetic potential during flowering and fruiting. Use in moderate amounts during the growing season and in larger amounts during flowering.


  • Shake well before use: TriPart ® Terra Aquatica fertilizers are highly concentrated.

  • Add each part separately to water, mix thoroughly and rinse utensils after using each product as well as after use.

  • To optimize results in all regions, TriPart is available in "soft water" and "hard water" formulas: if the water has a calcium content of more than 70 mg/l, use TriPart Micro "hard water"; below this level (or in osmosis water), use TriPart Micro "soft water"


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