GHE FloraDuo Grow 10l GHE  Fertilizer

GHE FloraDuo Grow 10l


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A true 2-part fertilizer, highly concentrated, for hydroponics, coir and soil

The ultimate 2-part fertilizer: from our flagship TriPart® line, DualPart® offers the optimal balance between results and ease of use.

DualPart® is not a "classic" mineral fertilizer: while we initially thought of designing a simplified but equally effective version of our TriPart® fertilizer, Cal Hermann, a NASA and then General Hydroponics chemist, created this powerful 2-part formula to which, over time, additional ingredients were added for fast-growing plants that have very different needs depending on whether they are in growth or flowering period:

- DualPart® uses different types of minerals, so that your plants always have access to the nutrients they need, in the most suitable form, throughout their growth and flowering.

- This formula contains bio-activators that improve overall plant health, pathogen resistance and fertilizer absorption.

- DualPart® works to reduce internodal distances - without growth hormones! At GHE, we use only the purest ingredients. Combined with the knowledge of nutrient composition that we have gained through extensive research, we achieve spectacular growth and compact plants without potentially harmful additives such as synthetic growth hormones.

Moreover, our "2-part" fertilizers are really 2 parts: with DualPart® you use two bottles from the beginning to the end of the treatment, and not four, as with most "A+B" type 2-part fertilizers that come in two parts for growth and two for flowering.

With DualPart®, we start with equal proportions of Grow and Bloom in the rooting phase or at the beginning of growth, more Grow than Bloom during growth and then, during flowering and fruiting, more Bloom than Grow. It's very simple.


  • Shake well before use, add each part separately to water, mix thoroughly and rinse utensils after use.
  • DualPart® is very concentrated: do not exceed 5 ml/l of water. Consult the DualPart® nutrition program here.
  • To optimize results in all regions, DualPart® Grow is available in "soft water" and "hard water" formulas: in case of a calcium content higher than 70 mg/l of water, use DualPart® Grow "hard water"; below this level (or in osmosis water), use DualPart® Grow "soft water".

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