GHE FloraDuo Bloom 10l GHE  Fertilizer

GHE FloraDuo Bloom 10l


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FloraDuo is a mineral fertilizer in two parts, Grow and Bloom. Designed and created in collaboration between Dr. Cal Herrmann and William Texier, it is a new formula inspired by the latest scientific discoveries in plant nutrition.

Indeed, FloraDuo is a "classic" mineral fertilizer, with the important difference that each of the elements the plant needs comes from a wide variety of different sources. To create a great fertilizer, you naturally need a very specific formula. But that's not all! It is also very important that each element comes from different sources, and different salts. This is what allows each one to be available at all times, in a form that the plant can absorb. And we don't stop there. We also add elements to the bottle (which could be called " bio-activators ") that are not directly nutrients for the plant, but which improve its general health, help it to better absorb its food, and better resist the aggressions of pathogens and insects.

FloraDuo is a complete fertilizer specially designed for fast-growing plants, with a marked difference between the needs of growth and flowering. It comes in two parts: FloraDuo Grow and FloraDuo Bloom. To ensure the best results, and to adapt it to all regions, we offer "Grow" in two versions: one for hard water and one for fresh water. FloraDuo can also be used with demineralized water, or water obtained by reverse osmosis.

FloraDuo is an extremely concentrated fertilizer: 4 ml/L is enough for a balanced and harmonious growth. Its price is extremely attractive, making it an economical fertilizer with an excellent quality/price ratio.

It is also a simple fertilizer to use: by mixing 3 parts of FloraDuo Grow and 1 part of FloraDuo Bloom, you meet all the needs of growth. Then, by reversing these same proportions, i.e. 3 parts of Bloom and 1 part of Grow, you ensure all the needs of flowering. FloraDuo guarantees a perfect balance between growth and flowering.

Like all our fertilizers, FloraDuo is an integral formula: no need for supplements to improve the nutrition of your plants. It incorporates everything we have learned in 30 years of work, from our years of collaboration with research laboratories (especially the University of California at Davis), and also from the information we have received from the tens of thousands of customers who use our products around the world.

For the followers of "One Part" (Total Grow and Total Bloom):
In 1998 when it was created, One Part was a revolution in plant nutrition. Today, after several years of further research, FloraDuo remains based on the same principles, but with a new know-how. It differs from One Part by its adaptability to both hard and soft water, by its concentration, and by the finesse of its design. It will therefore replace it very advantageously, in soil as well as in hydroponics. If you are a One Part user, do not hesitate to replace it with FloraDuo, you will be delighted with your results.




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