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GHE Pro Organic Grow 1l GHE  Fertilizer

GHE Pro Organic Grow 1l


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Pro Organic

100% organic, 1-part super-concentrated liquid fertilizer

Developed in 2004, Pro Organic has been used on commercial farms around the world - including by our partners The Seekers - for years. Pro Organic is a convenient and incredibly effective way to feed your plants organically, whether you are a home gardener or a professional grower.

The first and only fertilizer on the market to be 100% certified organic and suitable for all types of substrates. Pro Organic formulations are specifically designed to meet the needs of plants at all stages of growth, flowering and fruiting.

We base our formulations on simple, environmentally friendly principles that provide plants with balanced and effective nutrition. Pro Organic actively enhances the root zone by delivering bacteria that live harmoniously with the plants. This provides the nutrition and environment essential for vigorous vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting.

Pro Organic is ideal for all types of plants and works wonders when used alone because it is REALLY complete: no other elements are needed to obtain a beautiful, healthy and abundant harvest, regardless of the type of water used*.

Pro Organic is perfectly soluble. It is very efficient, in automatic or drip irrigation as well as in classic manual watering. Moreover, it is the only fertilizer certified for bioponics (organic hydroponics with bare roots and recirculation).

To further improve performance and offer growers even more flexibility in optimizing their crops, the General Organics line also includes a complementary line of organic additives, as well as high quality beneficial bacteria, essential to make your organic crops a success, even without the richness of a substrate.

*For freshwater or coconut fiber cultures, a calcium/magnesium supplement may be necessary: we recommend GHE Calcium Magnesium Supplement.


Pro Organic is highly concentrated: a maximum of 2 ml/l of water is sufficient, in soil or hydroponics.

  • Shake well before use, add each part separately to the water, mix thoroughly and rinse utensils after use.
  • N.B.: For use in automatic irrigation or in Biopony: as any biological fertilizer, to be bioavailable for plants Pro Organic must be decomposed by bacteria. To obtain a sufficient microbial colony, especially at the beginning of the plant's life, a bio-filtration system operating 24 hours a day must be installed in the tank, on the discharge lines or on the recirculation lines depending on the system.
  • Biofiltration systems can be found in garden centers, but one can be made by hanging a 3-5 L plastic basket filled with 60% clay beads and 40% coconut fiber under a water circulation that leads to the tank. If the system has a AeroFloif the system is equipped with a filter, it can be placed under the return line. Do not submerge the filtration system in the tank as a high level of oxygen is required for the rapid growth of beneficial microorganisms.


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