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GHE ph Down 10l


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pH Regulators

Premium pH management

PH regulators :

The absorption of the different mineral elements varies according to the acidity of the culture medium. The optimal availability is in a pH range generally recommended between 5.5 and 6.5. We recommend staying in the lower range: between 5.5 and 6.2.

pH -

High quality pH corrector for hydroponics, coir and soil

More than just an acid, GHE pH - really contributes to the stability of the solution

GHE pH - is a clever blend of three acids frequently used separately in hydroponics, which we offer you all the benefits - without the drawbacks.

  • To alter the pH of your water, GHE pH - uses nitric and phosphoric acids, the mixture of which guarantees the stability of the N/K ratios during the entire growth and flowering period. Another advantage is the absence of residues on the surface of the tank, such as those generated by phosphoric acid alone, especially in the presence of hard water. In turn, thanks to its properties, biological citric acid takes over to neutralize pH variations over time. It ensures the stability of your nutrient solution and helps regulate excess calcium, particularly in the presence of hard water.

pH +

High quality pH regulator and silica source for hydroponics, coco fiber and soil

To control pH by optimizing silica levels

While the need for a pH increase seems to be an aberration for hard water growers, a low pH is often a problem in areas with very soft water, or for users of osmosis water. GHE pH + provides this regulation and is a valuable source of silica - often lacking in hydroponics, due to its very low solubility High levels of silica really contribute to the health of the plant. That's why we add as much as possible to our products.

pH - Powder

Quality pH regulator for hydroponics, coir and soil

The only powdered pH regulator on the market

GHE pH - Powder is a unique product in our industry: inert while dry, it turns into a powerful acid when diluted in water.

PH control is essential for growers as it promotes the bioavailability of minerals and the stability of chelates. However, when purchased online or by mail order, shipping these types of products can be tricky and is sometimes even prohibited. GHE pH - Powder solves this problem and makes shipping and delivery much easier.

In addition to its role as a pH regulator, GHE pH - Powder can be used (at high concentrations) for cleaning and disinfecting drainage lines and irrigation systems, and at low concentrations as a foliar spray to rid foliage of pesticide residues. Finally, it is also used to give plants a nutritional boost by providing :

  • nitrates, in a form that promotes growth without compromising flowering
  • phosphates, for vigorous flowering, a healthy root system, lush foliage and harmonious growth.


CAUTION: Dangerous. Observe the precautions of use. Always wear protective clothing when handling acids.

- To adjust pH: add to water or nutrient solution as needed. Re-test pH and adjust if necessary.


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