Diffuser ONA Breeze for 4l Gel buckets ONA

Diffuser ONA Breeze for 4l Gel buckets


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ONA Odor Stop - Compact, silent and discreet.

ONA Odor Stop has been designed to provide effective odor control while taking up as little space as possible. The small size ofONA Odor Stop allows it to be installed on any wall or vertical surface using convenient installation brackets.

ONA Odor Stop connects to a standard 100V/240V power source and has two 4 inch (10.1 cm) outlets that allow it to be connected to a ventilation system. ONA Odor Stop has a variable speed fan with a maximum capacity of 225 cubic feet per minute (cfm) (6.37 cubic meters per minute). It can control odors in a room up to 10,000 square feet (929 square meters).

TheONA Odor Stop is designed to fit theONA Gel - 4 liter jar (left).


ODOR STOP neutralizes odors in a room up to 930 sq. m2 (10 000 ft2). A 4 liter container of Odorchem lasts from four to six weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity of the room and the airflow setting of ODOR STOP.


  1. Use ODOR STOP only on a horizontal surface to prevent the GEL from coming into contact with the fan. Remove the lid from the 4 liter (1 gal.) container ofONA Gel. Screw the 4 L container of Gel under the ODOR STOP.

  2. Connect ODOR STOP to a grounded 100-240V outlet and set the switch to the "High" position for a maximum flow rate of 6373 l/m (225 ft3(6373 L/m), or to another position depending on the power required to control ambient odors.

  3. Replace the GEL container when only 1" of GEL remains in the bottom. Stir the GEL once a week to maintain a constant evaporation rate


The ODOR STOP is equipped with a three-prong grounded plug. It must be plugged into a matching grounded outlet. This device is intended for use with ordinary household current, i.e., 100-240 V at 60 Hz.

  • Never place ODOR STOP in water because of the risk of electric shock.

  • Always use the ODOR STOP on a level surface to avoid splashing or submerging the motor

    or submerging the motor.

  • Connect the unit to an appropriate electrical outlet. Make sure that all electrical wires are of sufficient size and

    ensure that all electrical wires are of sufficient size and are properly insulated.

  • Do not allow the back of the fan to be obstructed by paper or other materials.

  • Never place ODOR STOP on dust, sand or loose paper. These

    these materials can be sucked into the fan and damage it irreparably.

  • Never service or clean the ODOR STOP while it is plugged in

    there is a risk of injury or electric shock.

  • Avoid contact with the fan during operation, either with a wire or any other instrument

    or any other instrument.


  • Keep the unit clean.

  • Check the GEL level in the container weekly.


Weight (transport) Capacity
Flow rate Consumption Voltage Frequency


6.6 kgs (14.5 lbs) 12 kg (25 lb)
4 liters (1 gal.)
6375 l/m (225 ft.)
3/m) up to 42 W 100-240 V

60 Hz

ODOR STOP should ONLY be used with Odorchem products. Odorchem products do more than just mask odors. They create bonds with the molecules responsible for odors to neutralize them. The active ingredients are a blend of 44 essential oils and other plant-derived compounds from Australia and Asia. Odorchem products neutralize a wide range of odors. They are safe and biodegradable, and are designed to be used in any environment.


All Odorchem products are scientifically developed to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They have been proven to effectively and permanently neutralize virtually all odors.

Some of the areas of application for which ODOR STOP has proven itself are:

Pet stores, hotel rooms, refrigerated transport, animal transport, kitchens, restaurants, auditoriums, laundry rooms, slaughterhouses, auto repair shops, locker rooms, warehouses, butcher shops, motels, chicken farms, nursing homes, waste storage facilities,

clubs, paint shops, sewage sludge storage sites, smoking areas, piggeries, kennels, waste staging areas, drains, public restrooms, yeast plants, fish shops, pubs and bars, food processing plants, funeral homes, greenhouses, gymnasiums.


  • One year limited warranty.

  • The limited warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. It does not cover

    physical damage or wear and tear not caused by normal use.

  • Original proof of purchase is required.


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