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HotBox Sulfume evaporator with 500 g sulfur

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HotBox Sulfume sulfur evaporator including 500 g sulfur

The safest sulfur evaporator on the market.

Protects plants against fungi. Prevents the proliferation of parasites in the greenhouse. No overheating, no toxic oxides - only pure sulfur. Control element prevents sulfur from igniting - no fire hazard. Lower energy consumption than any other evaporator available. Operates without energy loss on all forms of power supply from 110 V to 250 V. Hotbox Sulfume is a temperature-regulating sulfur evaporator ideally suited to controlling and combating mites, botrytis, mildew etc. Hotbox Sulfume is a self-regulating sulfur evaporator that guarantees efficient evaporation of sulfur without producing other connections. The result is better disease control than ever before.


Thanks to the regular-shaped container used, which is placed exactly in the middle of the sulfume cylinder, distribution is ensured by the natural funnel effect. One sulfur evaporator is sufficient for an area of 100m² (10x10m).


The container used is made of aluminum and has been specially developed to assimilate sulfur. The aluminum container is supplied and should only be used for sulfur evaporation.


The self-regulating heating plate is made of high-quality aluminum. This guarantees a long service life.


Sulfume saves you money. After a start-up delay of less than a second, the device starts up with 100 watts until the desired temperature is reached. To maintain this temperature, the unit needs less than 50 watts. Self-regulation is based on the latest technology and does not work like traditional thermostats. As a result, consumption changes very slowly when temperatures change.


Hotbox Sulfume is the only sulfur vaporizer that guarantees sulfur won't burn. Hotbox guarantees temperature regulation to exclude the risk of burning or to eliminate unwanted by-products.


The hotplate is automatically regulated to the set temperature. The temperature is kept constant. You'll never find a Sulfume Hotbox below or above the set temperature.


The housing of the Sulfume evaporator is made of high-grade steel, so the unit is set up for long service life. Thanks to the self-regulation of the heating plate and the use of steel, it is possible to touch the housing during use without any problems, as it is not hot. This means safety in the workplace.


Hotbox Sulfume is completely voltage-independent. Even when there are voltage fluctuations, the sulfume always maintains a constant temperature. We guarantee that power consumption remains constant. Hotbox Sulfume is the only sulfur evaporator that can work like this. If the voltage drops to 200 or 180 volts, this does not affect the temperature of the device.

Technical data:

- Coverage: 80-100m²

- Voltage: 100 to 240 volts (independent voltage)

- Power consumption: 45 watt (120 watt), 120 watt during start-up phase. Reduced to 45 watt after 5 minutes.

- Size: 13 cm diameter, 18 cm height.

Sold with 500g of sulfur

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