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VapCap OmniVap (DynaVap)

The VapCap OmniVap is a battery-free, nearly indestructible vaporizer from DynaVap. Heated by flame and using VapCap's signature "click" system, the OmniVap can produce an extremely thick and satisfying vapor.

The OmniVap differentiates itself from other VapCap models with its adjustable draw. By turning the mouthpiece, you can adjust the air to vapor ratio. A moderate draw produces larger clouds, while a large draw produces a softer vapor.

The OmniVap's mouthpiece is made of titanium, and the body is available in a variety of styles and materials, making it as stylish as it is powerful. All you need is a lighter (or any flame).

OmniVap VapCap Features

  • Adjustable draw - adjust the air/vapor ratio by turning the mouthpiece.
  • Modular - want to switch styles? You can change the original OmniVap body with many different stems, and design your OmniVap to your preference.
  • Ultra-durable - the interior of the OmniVap is made entirely of titanium, allowing for optimal durability.
  • Adjustable bowl - by placing the grid in one of the two notches, you can adjust the size of the bowl.


The OmniVap VapCap is available in different varieties. They all have the same condenser, mouthpiece and features (except for the XL, which is 1.7 cm longer than the other models), but they have different stems - which gives them all a unique look and style.

VapCap slides are modular and their parts can be easily replaced or interchanged. However, always make sure you choose the right size that goes with your VapCap version.

What is the VapCap?

The VapCap is a super small and discreet vaporizer that works without the use of electronics or batteries. After filling the tip with a small amount of herb or other materials (the VapCap can be used with pressed resins and even sticky concentrates), and replacing the tip, use a lighter (preferably a torch) to heat the tip evenly. Once the mouthpiece has made a "click" (and a slight vibration), your Vapcap is ready to use. Inhale and enjoy its big, tasty vapor! The tip will make another "click" when it cools down, ready to be heated again.

The VapCap heats your materials to temperatures ranging from 170°C to ~220°C. The temperature also depends on where you apply the flame, near the base of the tip, or at the other end for higher temperatures.

Whatever you put in, the VapCap will produce a big, tasty vapor in seconds!

Important: Do not continue to heat the VapCap after the first click. Doing so may cause combustion and potentially damage the device.

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