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DynaVap The M 7 XL vaporizer


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DynaVap M 7 XL - The ultimate solution for dry herb vaping without batteries.

Discover a new dimension in dry herb vaping with the DynaVap M 7 XL.

This high-quality medical-grade stainless steel battery-free vaporizer is made in the USA and offers robust reliability and exceptional vapor quality.

Advanced features for more intense experiences: With its elongated construction, the M 7 XL not only offers better maneuverability, but also a longer vapor path that effectively cools the vapor before it reaches your mouth. Enjoy bigger puffs thanks to an enlarged tip chamber, which has more mass for better heat retention and thus enables precise extraction control.

Innovative cooling technology: the finless tip design reduces heat transfer by up to 20%, keeps your fingers cool and ensures even heat distribution, minimizing the risk of burns and hot spots.

Improved airflow control: the new captive cap design and increased convection heating significantly improve airflow, enabling more efficient vaporization. With six unique airflow settings, controlled by the depth of the condenser in the mouthpiece, you have total control over your vaping experience.

Eco-friendly and economical: with no need for batteries or electric chargers, the M 7 XL is ideal for travel. Use any heat source, such as a butane flashlight or induction heater, and enjoy a great vape anywhere.

Easy to use and maintain: the M 7 XL is easy to charge, use and clean, making it a perfect companion for everyday use or special occasions. Thanks to the "adjust-a-bowl" function, you can also make micro-doses, making it particularly versatile.

The DynaVap M 7 XL is not just a vaporizer, but an investment in long-lasting quality and exceptional vaping experiences. Ideal for those looking for an efficient, robust and elegant device.


  • Material: medical grade stainless steel
  • Features: Extended vapor path, finless design, improved airflow control, six airflow settings, microdose compatible.
  • Accessories: Captive Cap, stainless steel tip, CCD (screen), High Temp O-Rings, stainless steel stem, condenser with mouthpiece.


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