Controller Gavita EL1 (1 input) Gavita  Complete HP Sodium lamp

Controller Gavita EL1 (1 input)


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Gavita Master Controllers
Dimmable electronic ballast (adjustable light intensity) is not new. This type of ballast allows a certain flexibility of operation in scenarios requiring a lower light intensity. This is particularly the case during the vegetative phase of crops or when weather conditions are so unfavorable that a healthy climate is difficult to maintain. They can also be boosted to optimize the performance and efficiency of the lamps. Unfortunately, the situation does not always allow for multiple ballasts to be adjusted or to be there at the right time to dim the lamps. Another problem is that ballasts activated at the same time require a high current (the inrush current). The installation must include the use of control boxes to activate and deactivate your ballasts.
The Gavita Master controllers (in combination with suitable Gavita E-series ballasts) solve these problems and are even more economical to equip larger grow rooms. No need for a control box to switch on and off the E-series ballasts, which also do not need a dimmer or booster switch. The few buttons on the controller are enough to control the connected ballasts at the same time.
Summary of functions
Simplified installation
Installing the Master controller is child's play: just plug it in, set the dials of the ballasts to EXT (external control) and connect the controller's low-voltage control cable to the relevant ballasts - Plug & Play at its simplest. Simple, safe and adaptable.
Clear interface
The intuitive, five-language interface consists of only five buttons. Settings, warnings and status messages are displayed in plain text. To make the device even easier to read, Gavita has equipped it with LEDs connected to each output channel, to indicate that the lamps are on, dimming or blacked out due to an overheating condition. The effect of the LED indicators is enhanced by plain text messages displayed on high quality green organic LEDs.
Replaces timers and contactors
Your ballasts can be tuned directly to a power outlet. No need for timers or contactor boxes: the ballasts are in standby mode and switch on when a signal is received from the controller. This feature eliminates the inrush current when the ballasts are switched on. Set the switch-on / switch-off time at the controller and the system is ready for use.
Adaptable switching
Simple and adaptable, the EL2 controller is equipped with a main channel and an auxiliary channel (Aux) that operate one after the other or alternately. The auxiliary channel is mainly used to optimize the light intensity in the reproduction phase, in a two-chamber operation scenario where the light alternates every 12 hours in two culture chambers.
Dimming and increasing the light intensity
The centralized brightness adjustment is done after connecting the ballasts to the Master controller and setting the on/off time by means of a few buttons. You can choose to display the brightness as a percentage or as the actual power of your ballasts. We even offer a sunrise/sunset setting whereby the intensity of the lamps increases or decreases at the beginning and end of the cycle.
Automatic dimming and safety shutdown based on ambient temperature
The Master controller is equipped with temperature sensors. The Master controller has not been designed for this purpose, but can nevertheless help you save a crop if the ambient room temperature exceeds your climate control capabilities. Upon reaching a set temperature (which is usually a few degrees above the ideal temperature setting), the Master controller automatically lowers the brightness, to prevent damage to the crop. In the event of a total ventilation failure or other calamity that causes the temperature to rise even higher, the Master controller will black out the connected equipment and trigger the alarm contact.
Switching of auxiliary equipment
The Master controller has two outputs for optional External Contactor Modules (ECM). These industrial grade contactors are designed to switch accessories up to a 15 amp load during lamp on/off cycles. Using ECMs allows you to activate humidifiers, heaters, CO2 control equipment, and irrigation systems, among others. The ability to place these ECMs driven by a low voltage signal near the accessories maximizes the ease of installation and adaptability of this situation.


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130 X 70 X 3.5mm
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