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BioBizz Leaf Coat 5l


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A 100% organicprotection against pests and temperature changes.

What is Leaf-Coat?

Leaf-Coat is a ready-to-use product that strengthens plants and protects them against insect pests and fungi that damage leaves.

Made from a natural latex originally developed to prevent evaporation, it creates a permeable, self-degrading barrier on the leaf that still allows air and light to penetrate.

Why Leaf-Coat guarantees a better protection in all conditions

If the atmosphere becomes too hot or humid (above 28°C), Leaf-Coat prevents the plant from losing too much water through evaporation. At the same time, the natural latex layer it forms around the leaves helps the plant to breathe and prevents it from "sweating". Then, when the temperature drops, for example during the winter months, Leaf-Coat protects the plant against the cold by helping to stabilize the temperature of the leaves.

As an ecological alternative to pesticides, there is no product more suitable and safer to use than Leaf-Coat. Moreover, this product allows you to save money because you use less pesticides. And unlike synthetic and toxic products, it has a pleasant smell and does not cause irritation. Finally, because Leaf-Coat is not absorbed by the leaves, it does not affect the taste of the fruit either.

How to use Leaf-Coat?

No need to mix Leaf-Coat with water: apply it directly from the bottle, preferably with a sprayer. Spray the whole leaves and flowers and repeat this process about twice a week, and stop two weeks before the end of the blooming period.

Within a few hours of application, an ultra-thin (1.5 micron) elastic layer forms on the leaves. Its beneficial effects can last up to two weeks, until its natural decomposition by light or sunlight.


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