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Late bloom fertilizer/forcing solution

These are the advantages of FinalPart® that make it the flagship product of the range and our bestseller GHE worldwide!

FinalPart® is a late bloom stimulant/fertilizer that does not require the addition of any activator. It improves flowering and the production of active ingredients and allows the re-mobilization and metabolization of accumulated elements.

FinalPart® acts in 3 ways:

  • FinalPart® signals to the plant the end of its life cycle and accelerates the maturation process. FinalPart® forces the plant to strengthen its defenses, increasing the production of essential oil and the content of active principle.
  • FinalPart® provides the plant with the mineral salts it needs in an easily assimilated form: in case of nitrogen or microelements accumulation, the metabolization of the residues is facilitated, which improves the taste.
  • FinalPart® is used as a "forcing solution" to control or intensify ripening. It also allows, for annual flowers and fruit plants, to optimize the yield and the taste of your crop at the last stage of flowering or fruiting.

Outdoors, FinalPart® allows you to accelerate the harvest by protecting your production from cold or humidity. Indoors, you can also harmonize the end of the growth cycle by accelerating the maturation of lazy plants or late varieties. In case of severe pathogen or insect attack, FinalPart® accelerates the ripening cycle and saves the crop.


  • Full user guide here
  • In hydroponics : replace the old nutritive solution by about 5ml of FinalPart® per liter of water with adjusted pH, aiming at an EC equal or slightly higher than the previous EC (from 1.4 to 2.6mS) and mix carefully. Apply for 10 days or as needed, then complete with FlashClean® or harvest directly.
  • In soil: dilute at a rate of 4 ml per liter of pH adjusted water aiming at an EC equal or slightly higher than the previous EC (1.3 to 2.0mS). Apply until leaves turn yellow or until the required degree of ripening is reached (10 to 20 days). Follow with FlashClean® or harvest directly.
  • Experienced growers can use FinalPart® to reduce water stress, optimize the concentration of the active ingredient and minimize shattering of tender fruit: apply at Final EC: 2.6mS in hydroponics and Final EC: 2.0mS in soil.

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