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It has been known for more than a century that enzymes serve to split sucrose (or sucrose), which is a polysaccharide, into glucose and fructose, which are monosaccharides. It appears today that they also play an important role in the transport and distribution of sugars in plants. The production of dry matter in different parts of the plant also takes place via these sugars.

House & Garden's Bud XL has the unique property of extracting sugars from the leaf of the plant and transporting them to the fruit, which will be sweeter and tastier, or to the flower, which will be larger and stronger, bear more fruit and produce a higher yield.

Each enzyme has an optimal value. This is the value at which the enzyme activity is highest. If the circumstances in which the protein is found are too far from the optimal value, the structure can change abruptly, the activity can decrease and the protein can lose its function. Therefore, every grower must monitor a number of factors. The pH-value of the substrate should not be too high or too low. The temperature of the grow room and the substrate are also essential for an optimal effect.

Use Bud-XL during the flowering period. Prepare your tray as follows. First add a basic fertilizer (e.g. A&B for soil, hydro, coco). Adjust the EC and pH of the tank. Add Bud-XL last. Your planter is ready for the first watering.

Start feeding Bud-XL to your plants as soon as the first flowers appear. This is when the large bract loses its function. By administering Bud-XL you ensure that the energy of the plant is no longer invested in the maintenance of the bract but is transferred to the formation of the flower and the fruit. In addition, Bud-XL extracts sugars from the bract and stores them in the flower or fruit.


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